Midwest Teardrops:

Midwest Teardrops are painstakingly re-engineered versions of the original teardrop campers of the 40’s and 50’s.  Seamlessly blending vintage styling, superior materials, modern technologies and unmatched, hand-built fit and finish.

Select from a variety of cabin sizes, chassis configurations and seemingly endless custom options to tailor your trailer to your lifestyle.  We offer models and convenience options suited for long distance highway travel, off-highway adventures, or extreme overland expeditions.

Give us your vision and we will build it!

Teardrop camper trailers for camping or overland

Teardrop Camper Models:

How do you envision using your camper?  Our campers fall into three primary categories: road, crossover and off-road.  Whether it’s cross country vacations with the family, discovering a remote place to camp and enjoy nature, or an overland expedition you’ve been planning for months, we’ve got the right camper for you!

Options and Accessories:

The options and accessories shown on this site represent our most popular offerings. If you have something special you would like us to incorporate into your build, just ask and we will do our best to find the best solution to integrate it.