Midwest Teardrops is a proud Regional Manufacturer of So-Cal Teardrops servicing the Midwest United States. We value supporting small businesses like ourselves and source as many components, materials and services from other Midwestern and US based businesses as possible. Midwest Teardrops is proud to be American Made!

With engineering and design support from the teardrop experts at So-Cal Teardrops, Midwest Teardrops is able to offer the finest teardrop campers available. Our Teardrops are painstakingly re-engineered versions of the “original” Teardrop trailers. We utilize modern materials and technologies, while maintaining an unmatched fit and finish.

Tiny, towable, airfoil-shaped trailers were the rage in the 1940s and 50s.  Eclipsed by hefty RVs and motor- homes, these streamlined tag-alongs have made a comeback among outdoor enthusiasts.  The resurgence of the teardrop camper has grown out of a need for a camper light enough to be towed by smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles. Featuring a comfortable bed for two and a galley, both sheltered from the elements.


CNC precision engineered teardrop trailers

Call 800.876.0373 or email info@midwestteardrops.com for inquiries or to schedule a visit to see a demo trailer. Also, feel free to send us a message through our Contact Us page.

All trailers are F.O.B. Owatonna, Minnesota.  Delivery to the Continental U.S. is negotiable.