Front Jack Wheel - Plastic

Add a 6″ front wheel to make maneuvering your teardrop by hand a breeze!


Front Jack Wheel - Pneumatic

Add a pneumatic front wheel to your off-road or crossover teardrop to make maneuvering by hand a breeze.


Extended Tongue

Extending the tongue of a road model helps accommodate any special swing or clearance requirements and allows extra space for optional tongue mount items. A longer tongue also makes backing the trailer a little easier. The extended tongue includes an expanded metal mesh floor which can be used to secure gear.


Diamond Deck Tongue

Polished diamond deck floor that covers the full tongue.
(For powder coat add $65)
For a road trailer, the extended tongue option is required.


Max Coupler

An Off-Road “Must”,this articulated coupler, provides a quiet “clunk free” attachment and allows the ultimate in flexibility between the trailer and your tow vehicle. Required for extreme off-road trails.


Storage Side Wings

Storage wings are designed to be rugged, lightweight & extremely strong. They help contain dirty items like firewood, folding chairs or anything you don’t want inside the trailer.
This option requires the Front Storage Box and, for a road trailer, the Extended Tongue option.


Expanded Metal Cage With Locking Lid

Our Expanded Metal Cage with Locking Lid is great for storing dirty, outside items like fire wood and camp chairs. The cage also come with grab bars for easy maneuvering. This option requires the Front Storage Box option and, for a road trailer, the extended tongue option. *All of our Off-Road frames come standard with an expanded metal floor on the tongue.


Tongue Storage Box

This 16″ x 20″ x 36″ Storage Box, features a stainless steel locking latch. This price includes relocating the front mounted spare to underneath the galley.
Available material/finish:
Polished Aluminum Diamond Deck
Powder Coated Aluminum Diamond Deck (Add $150.00)
Granite Coat Steel


Auxiliary 1 ¼" Side Receivers

Two additional 1 ¼” side mounted receivers give you the option for many cool accessories: toilet, cocktail table, umbrella, flag pole, etc.
(Trailers come standard with two auxiliary side receivers.)

Price varies by color

Custom Color Powdercoat

Add a splash of color to your camper! Match your tow vehicle, represent a business, or just for fun. Many colors to choose from. Typically we can do a custom color for between $100 and $200 depending on the color/texture you desire.


Road-15" Wheel & Tire Upgrade

Move up from our standard 14 inch tires & wheels to 15 inch tires & wheels.
(available on road model only)


Road Jeep Style Fenders

A rugged look. 16 gauge, 10″ width with 1/2″ radius on both sides. Will accommodate 14″ or 15″ wheels and tires up to 30″x9.5″.


Road-Electric Brakes

The electric brake upgrade adds 7″ brake drums provide additional stopping power when towing with smaller cars and enhanced braking power when mountain driving.


Road-Under Mount Spare Relocated From Tongue

Road Models- The front mounted spare can be relocated from the tongue to an out of the way under galley mount . Relocating the spare is included with the Front Storage Box option.


Rear Accessory Receiver

Our 2″ welded on rear receiver has a 125 lb. load capacity, which is ideal for bikes, cargo, etc. This item is standard on Crossover and Off-Road trailers.


Rear Bump Rails

1 1/2″ Powder coated tube steel bump rails welded to the frame below the galley.


Off Road Rear Stabilizer Jack

Heavy Duty tube mount jack stand, with crank handle and 15″ rise.


Off Road Tube Style Rear Fenders

Powder coated tubular steel with welded plate, stylized rolled fenders. Required for tires 35″ or larger.