Propane Furnace

Ducted furnace runs on propane and 12 volts. Extremely high quality furnace with separate combustion air inlet and exhaust eliminates the possibility of CO2 contamination in the cabin. Highly efficient and very quiet, it is the perfect solution for those planning a trip to Alaska… or for those with extremely cold feet.


Air Conditioner / Heater

Portable unit with permanently installed TIG welded plenum for ducting. Unit fits nicely in Expanded Metal Cage option or stores in tow vehicle. Through-wall design preserves floor space and keeps operating noise to a minimum. Produces 5,000 cooling BTUs, 4,300 heating BTUs. When not in use, ducting can be detached and the opening covered by a weatherproof aluminum cap. Interior feed and return is composed of a decorative birch enclosure with with black plastic vent. Includes wireless remote control. Shore power or generator required for use. Heats and cools spaces 55-150 square feet.