The Buzzard features the same size cabin as the Buzz, but incorporates a reinforced cabin structure, double sealed door, beefier frame and a 2,500 lb torsion axle. This camper tows like a dream!

Double sealed door and reinforced cabin

  2x3 inch powder coated off-road frame with 2500 lb axle

 Low profile LED stop/tail/turn signals

Can be towed by virtually any vehicle

   Under 1000 lbs!



The capability of the Kascade line of campers lies somewhere between our road and off-road models. Shares the same frame, reinforced cabin, and double sealed doors as off-road models, but features a 2500 lb torsion axle.

   2500 lb axle offers greater cargo capacity than a road model

   Sturdy 2x3 inch powder coated frame

Double sealed doors and reinforced cabin

   Perfect match for mid-sized SUVs and light trucks

Under 1500 lbs!



Buzzard 408
Kascade 459
Kascade 509
Kascade 510
Kascade 511
Base Price (2018)
Body Length96"110"110"120"132"
Overall Length138"163"163"175"189"
Cabin Width (inside)47"53"59"59"59"
Overall Width74"80"86"86"86"
Cabin Height (inside)44.5"44.5"44.5"44.5"44.5"
Overall Height73" (30" tires)71" (30" tires)71" (30" tires)71" (30" tires)71" (30"tires)
Bed Size4"x44"x78"4"x53"x78"4"x59"x78"4"x59"x88"4"x59"x102"
Galley Counter HeightN/A46" (30" tires)46" (30" tires)46" (30" tires)46" (30" tires)
Galley Hatch/Open HeightN/A84" (30" tires)84" (30" tires)84" (30" tires)84" (30" tires)
Frame/Ground Clearance22" (30" tires)20" (30" tires)20" (30" tires)20" (30" tires)20" (30" tires)
Tongue/Dry Weight~110 lbs~160 lbs~175 lbs~210 lbs~220 lbs
Trailer Dry Weight650 lbs1250 lbs1325 lbs1400 lbs1475 lbs